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“We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.”

― Alan Turing

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About Us:

We wanted to create something totally new, so we started a life sciences recruitment business?!

OK so recruitment itself isn’t new, but what is, is taking something that is already in existence; changing its shape and how it works to make it more effective, efficient and focussed.

We have been formed specifically around the life sciences sector with a management team that has a wealth of experience working within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device markets.

Our focus is on finding the right fit for everyone not only from a personal perspective but also to supply flexible scalable working solutions for organisations’ and teams alike.

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Registered in England & Wales No. 10987203

Registered Address:
JXL Rebus Ltd
The Dower House
108 High Street
Herts HP4 2BL

+44 1442 902 033


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